First Aid Guidance Documents

The contents listed below apply in South Australia. Check with your local WorkCover Authority to ascertain any variations specific to your State.
Basic First Aid Kit
Occupational First Aid Kit
Gauze Pieces 75Mm X 75Mm, Sterile (Packets Contain 5)

BPC Wound Dressings No 15

Wound Dressings Sterile, Non‐Adherent, Small

Wound Dressings Sterile, Non‐Adherent, Large

Eye Pads, Sterile, Individually Wrapped

Conforming Cotton Bandages 50Mm

Conforming Cotton Bandages, 75Mm

Conforming Cotton Bandages, 100Mm

Triangular Bandages (Minimum Width 90Mm)

Non‐Stretch Adhesive Tape, 25Mm X 2M Rolls (Hypo‐Allergenic)

Adhesive Dressing Strips, Independently Wrapped, Minimum Quantity